Have Wigs become the More Fashionable Option Compared to Weaves?


Should I get bundles for a sew-in or a wig? The biggest hair question of TODAY. Finding the most fashionable option for hair can be difficult at times. You become torn in between having a sew-in weave or following the modern trends for hair and getting yourself a customized wig. If you aren’t sure about what to do with your hair, that is whether you want a weave or a wig, then this article is for you.

  • One thing that you should be aware of is that with a sew-in or weave you will commit 30-90 days but with a lace wig there’s no or less commitment. If you love changing colours, textures, lengths, and styles then investing in a lace wig can be an appropriate option for you. You can also change colours, textures, and lengths with a weave but it isn’t the same as with a lace wig.
  • Low and easier maintenance. Maybe you usually don’t have ample time when it comes to styling your hair and you are looking for options which are easy to maintain. Wearing a weave will save you a lot of time in the morning when you are in a hurry as they are easy to style. When it comes to weaving, you can opt for synthetic hair (which I wouldn’t recommend btw), or human hair weaves.
  • Protective by nature. If you are having sewn in weaves, your hair will be braided near the scalp, and the extensions will then be added in wefts. The extension hairs offer hair protection as they take the day to day wear and tear. Your hair won’t be affected by cotton pillowcases or harsh weather. Some relief in this heat right?

PRO Wigs

  • Weaves are Painful!!! Have you ever struggled to sleep after your hair has been braided? Or turn promptly because you know you head won’t allow. When you can literally feel your pulse from your scalp. I know you can relate if you have had a weave before. It can get painful if you opt for a weave, this is because first, your hair has to be braided tightly so that the weave can be placed in your hair. After your whole head is braided, then the wefts are sewn into the braids.
  • You can spend a lot of time maintaining your hair, flat ironing, blow-drying, colouring, treating, curling styling. Wearing wigs offers a lot of conveniences and saves you a lot of time. You already have your style set up on the dressing table, just pick it up and go!
  • Not to mention durability. Wigs have a longer lifespan as compared to weaves. You can wear your wig a countless number of times before it gets worn out. Generally people keep good hair for about 2 years, with proper maintenance like conditioning. Don’t just ditch the thing and expect it to look good for that long. I think that’s the biggest part most women forget to play.
  • Once you own a wig that’s it. You don’t have to keep going to your hairdresser to sew it back in. Do you know how much an average girl spends a year at the salon? In the long run, wigs are a god financial plan, trust me.
  • Breathing scalp. Wigs make it possible for you to properly manage your natural hair underneath and also creates space for your scalp to breath.
  • Maintenance is not that much more difficult. It’s easier to wash or style something in your hand than head right? You can literally curl it as you watch your favourite episode of Greys.

However, Disadvantage of wigs –

  • Wigs are generally more expensive. Especially if you aren’t making it yourself. The products and tools also used in keeping them in good condition are also expensive.


Wigs are a perfect choice if you want to change your look often, and are about the trends and convenience but if you are more about hair protection and growth, then you can opt for sew-ins or weaves. Shop wisely!

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