Does Boiling Your Hair Bundles Actually Work?



For most people, the purpose of spending their hard earned money on hair extensions and wigs is probably to wear them for a while but some wear them until this hair is cryiiing! Dry and matted at the very least. Let’s be honest, most of us do! While extensions and wigs do not come with an expiration date, it is important to take care of them just like you take care of your real hair. You do not have to store your old wigs somewhere in your closet and wait for the next Halloween to use them again. Guess what, that blanket you have in that drawer is not dead! Your hair is not gone! In fact, it has so much more life than you think. Just like real hair, extensions too lose it hence the need to revive them and bring them back to life instead of throwing them away. One of these ways is boiling them in water. Yes BOILING! I didn’t believe this the first time I saw it too, so watched a couple of vids on it and decided to try it too. Of course I was going to try it with the worst of them, in case it didn’t work I wouldn’t have lost much. Lol. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.


How It Works

The main purpose of boiling your old hair bundles is to restore their natural shine after you have worn them for a long time. I actually still don’t get the chemistry behind this to be honest. It doesn’t make sense right? Well here you go. All you need is some conditioner (some use Silicon Mix) and a pot. The conditioner/silicon mix helps open up the hair cuticles to moisturise the shaft and give them some shine. More like forceful feeding! Such a cheap way too. You can bring them back to life with the boiling method and they will once again look new as if they have not been worn before. The good thing about this method is that it works well on all hair types. The boiling method does not only work on human hair but it can also revive other hair types such as synthetic wigs. It is a method that does not discriminate, yes, even synthetic wigs will come out looking moisturised and conditioned just like human hair would look. You will no longer need to buy new extensions all the time to look good. Boiling your hair extensions does not just restore them, but is also a good way to style them as well. For instance, if you want your old wig to be curly, you can simply roll it with flexi-rods and dip it in a pot full of boiling water and you will end up with a head full of curls.   Curling your hair in the morning could be time consuming but with the boiling method, you only need to wait for a few minutes. Boiling water in a pot is no longer used for cooking options only! Now you can also boil your wigs and extensions to restore them while giving loads of shine and moisture as well. Hey, remember how when you’d have braids done, they’d dip the end in boiling water to hold the hair in one place and stop it from getting frizzy?


Ok, let get to some evidence. Took some old piece of crap and tried this. Watch the steps in this video. Liked it so much ended up making a wig out of it! Check this out:




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