Beneficial uses of Aluminum Foil for your Hair



You probably have a roll of aluminum foil just lying in your drawer waiting to cover food and keep it warm, but have you ever stopped to think of any other uses it might have? The ability to keep food hot for long and its durability are just some of the reasons why aluminum foil has become popular over time. But we are all focused on those two uses that we fail to see the other countless possibilities which this product could bring including using it for our hair.


Why Use Aluminum Foil?

Hair is a delicate part of our body and can easily be damaged. However, it also plays a big part in how we look. That is why by wanting to look our best we try as much as possible to come up with the best hairstyle that satisfies us, and this is where aluminum foil comes into the picture. What does aluminum foil have to do with this then?

  • Being a perfect insulator, you can use it when applying different products that need to stay separate from each other.
  • Reshaping or styling the hair. Its ability to conserve heat makes it possible to avoid heating the hair while shaping it. Watch our YouTube clip on how it helps reshape body wave hair without applying heat or chemical processing:
  • Colouring the Hair Faster. You will just appreciate what this simple material can do when it comes to the process of bleaching or dying hair. The foil works by creating moisture and a warm environment around your hair which helps strengthen the hair cuticles. As a result, the cuticles will ‘open up’ making the hair more receptive of the colour, and process faster. Although that is the case, you need to do it right when it comes to bleaching the hair as this means it can colour unwanted portions or bleach lighter than you want it to.
  • Moisturizing using a hair mask. It is really important that dry hair has some moisture from time to time to prevent hair breakages, and that could be made possible with aluminum foil. Just place the foil over your head after applying the hair mask all the way from the roots to the tips and stay for thirty minutes. If you’ve ever wanted thick, healthy hair, let’s just say that you will be amazed.
  • To Curl the Hair Easily. If you want long-lasting curls that are not dry, this right here is the truth. All you need is about six aluminum foils which are 9 inches long and a curling iron. Use your usual moisturizing hairspray on the hair that you intend to curl before rolling and wrapping it in the foil. Afterward, use the curling iron on high heat then wait some few minutes for the foils to cool. Remove the foils and enjoy the curls! Just as easy as it sounds. No damage to your hair from direct heat.


Easy slay, easy life!!!


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