How to choose a hairstyle that is right for YOU!

How to choose a hairstyle that is right for YOU!

Having a perfect hairstyle that will make heads turn takes more than just a few snibs. Before making a salon appointment to try that impressive hairstyle you saw the other day, it’s important that you first determine which style will look best on you. The factors to consider when trying to figure out which hairstyle best suits you are your hair features, and the shape of your face.


  1. Use the shape of your face to determine the best hair length


Knowing the shape of your face will help you determine the best hairstyle to choose. A good hairstyle is one where your hair is in opposition to the shape of your face. To figure it out, stand in front of a mirror with your face straight-on and hair combed completely away from your face. Using something that’s easily washable like a lipstick tube or a washable marker, trace your face edges on the mirror. Different face shapes have different characteristics and different deal hairstyles.

There are different face shapes and you need to know what shape your face has so that you can pick a hairstyle that perfectly complements it. Different face shapes have different characteristics and hence different ideal hairstyles.

Whether your face is square, round, triangle-shaped, oval, heart-shaped, long or a diamond face, there is definitely a style for you out there. Let’s look at the characteristics of a few face shapes and their most suitable hairstyles.

  1. Round Faces 

    Round faces have a round chin and smoothly curved lines. Both the chin and forehead are slightly wide and the cheekbones are a bit wider. The styles that will look great on these features are updo’s with thick side bangs, long bangs, and curls. Cuts for a round face include: layered hair falling to the shoulders, long, layered bobs falling below the chin and fringe bangs. Avoid one length, blunt cuts like the classic bobs. See what I mean:




    2. Square faces

    Square faces feature wide cheekbones and a broad forehead. Cuts for  a square  face include angled bobs leaving long hair at the front, bangs that skim past the eyes and long sleek cuts.




    Great hairstyles would include curls and updos. Steer clear of blunt-cut bangs and one-length bob hairstyles which highlight your angular jaw rather than downplay it. What do you think?


    3. Oval faces

    An oval face shape can usually sustain any sort of haircut. Find your best feature and highlight it with your hairstyle. Great bone structure? Consider an angular bob that complements your chin. Gorgeous eyes? Blunt or side-swept bangs will draw attention there.


    4. Heart-shaped faces

    Draw attention away from the chin with side swept bangs or brow-skimming bangs. A short fast cut is also a good choice. Avoid choppy layers that hit at the chin. Try a swept-back updo that adds some volume to the top section of your hair.


    5. Diamond face

    Diamond faces feature broad cheekbones, set off by a narrow chin and forehead. Try some full, straight bangs and a cut that adds width to your chin area, such as a chin-length bob. Watch out for styles where you part your hair down the middle or add extra height to the top of your head. Look at the how the bulk of hair at the top exaggerates the sharpness of jaw and chin



    Your face could also assume any of the other shapes and there is no limit to the number of cuts and hairstyles you can experiment with once you identify the shape of your face.


    Choosing a hairstyle based on your hair texture


    There is a variety of hair textures from silky thin hair to bouncy course hair. You should pick the hairstyle that works best with your hair texture. A style that looks great on thick and curly hair may look completely inappropriate for someone with straight, thin hair. Thick, thin and medium-thick hair textures all look great with different hairstyles. Identify the texture of your hair and find the style that will give you an amazing look. Of course with wigs you can get away with this one!


    Play with your hair to your advantage


    Play around with your hair. While paying close attention to the shape of your face and hair texture is very important, you should also take time to play around with your hair. Styling your hair should be an enjoyable part of your life. Stand in front of your mirror and try different things with your hair. You might find a style that makes you feel happy about yourself. You can also get ideas from hair professionals or look at the way your favourite celebrities do their hair.


    Putting it all together……


    Now that you have given thought to the various factors for a great hairstyle, it’s time to decide how you want your hair done. Remember to consider the cost and time of the maintenance of that hairstyle.

    Also, you should always remember that the hairstyle that suits you should make you feel good about yourself. A hairstyle that leaves you feeling awkward or uncomfortable is not ideal for you. Above all, have fun through the entire process.



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