Importance of maintaining your own hair



Ok fine. Wigs and extensions are your thing right? Especially for us lazy people, nobody has time to be detangling, brushing and moisturising a scalp every other day. But truth be told, you can get away with this if you generally have good hair. Genes maybe…yeah. How about the rest of us?

How often do you take care of your own hair? Yes your weave stays on point, but what about what’s underneath girl! You probably don’t think about this until it’s too late, or when you’ve one day decided to spend your funds on something more important than fake hair. That’s just life, you may not always have access to good hair. And who doesn’t love a good natural look. Then what at that point?

Let’s think about this:

  1. No scalp issues.

People who have healthy hair rarely experience scalp problems. You will note that             your will actually have a healthy scalp. Take that wig off and show your own some             love. Things like washing it regularly to remove excess oil and dirt (or even                           dandruff), moisturizing, conditioning, protecting from the harsh sun rays                            (sunscreen or material/hats), can go a long way in protecting your scalp.  Which                   leads to our next point:


  1. No dandruff issues.

Dryness can lead to dandruff. This is the reason why your hair should be moist
and well-cared for. This means that you will not experience dandruff problem. Do             you want a flaking scalp everyday, or embarrassing moments where you cant open           a part or run your fingers through your hair without having chips fall off. A good               conditioner should do the trick. Remember, sulphate free!


  1. Lustrous natural hair

Now won’t you look at that:


Or that:


Did you also know that a good diet can revitalise your hair? When you get the right           vitamins and nutrients, your hair will show. Same as when you are malnourished, it         constantly breaks and is dry.

In this sense maintaining your hair also helps should there be any health issues,                 your hair becomes a good indicator as you would have already eliminated improper         care as the reason.


  1. Better Hair growth

Again, good diet= good hair! Your hair needs certain proteins in order to grow                     properly. Invest in supplements so that your hair can grow well.


  1. Increased overall confidence.

Let’s be honest, think of that feeling you get when you walk into a room with a new           hairstyle. Ahuh…? Besides, 80% of our selfies is the hair. IT IS EVERYTHING. Ever               wondered why people going through difficult times get a drastic hairstyle? It’s good           for your soul.


So the next time you forget about your own hair, think of what you are missing out            on!


        Happy hair journeys!

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