Difference between Remy and Virgin Hair

The never-ending search for beauty among women has been evolving since time
immemorial, with new ways of improving their aesthetic appeal being invented
every day that comes. One crucial aspect of a lady’s beauty is in the hair; and
to this effect, the best invention to ever come out of it is human hair
extensions. They have been embraced by women all over the world and the demand
has remained at an all-time high. Not just for beauty reasons, medical even. However, there is a lot that needs to be understood in so far as hair extensions are concerned. Most people get confused by Remy hair and Virgin hair extensions. So, what is the difference between these two?
There are people who say the two types of hair refer to the same thing and even go as far as to use the two terms interchangeably; whereas there are those who believe the two are totally different. The fact, however, is they are mutually exclusive. Let us break this


This can be defined as completely chemically unprocessed hair. For a hair extension to be called virgin, the following rigorous criteria must be sufficed:

  • Never been colored
  • Never been bleached
  • Never be permed
  • Never been processed chemically in any way

A set of virgin hair must have been harvested from one donor and all flow in one direction with a cuticle that is intact. This implies that the hair is healthy, beautiful and


This refers to human hair consisting of hair extensions from virgin hair of the best grade of quality. These may have been subjected to chemical treatments involved after
the hair is collected from the donor, such as dying and bleaching. Remy hair is
collected in a method which ensures the cuticles are intact while all strands are unidirectional and cut to the same length to ensure a high-quality extension, free of tangling.

The above definitions may seem confusing because they both refer to 100% natural human hair. Nevertheless, what we can discern in a nutshell is Remy hair extensions come from a person who has used perms, bleach or dye on his on her hair, and the hair has to be arranged. On the contrary, the one donating virgin hair hasn’t used any chemicals whatsoever and the hair comes as it is. Remy hair, therefore, doesn’t necessarily refer to virgin hair because it may be permed or dyed. Its defining features lie in the manner in which it was harvested and an intact cuticle.

Remy hair is very popular in the market because it is long-lasting hair that can go up to a
year and blends well with the buyer’s hair. The price is also more affordable
compared to virgin hair. Meanwhile, virgin hair is considered to be more
precious and therefore it is the costliest type of hair extension available in
the market. What is important to note is that both are smooth, healthy and have
a perfect quality.


Umm..let’s just not.



So the next time you are out looking for hair extensions that will do your hair justice and bring out your true beauty, do not feel lost. Go to a hair company that actually knows what they are talking about instead of selling you dreams!

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